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Local Statistics

Description: Colorado's second largest city

6,035 feet above sea level

City: 326,856, Metro Area: 465,885

Shopping Centers:

4 Civilian, 2 Military

Golf Courses:
17 (5 Public)

157 City and County Parks (13,000 acres)

Current Weather

Weather Statistics:

Temperatures in Colorado Springs are mild. Uncomfortable extremes in either winter or summer are rare in this dry alpine climate. The Rocky Mountains capture most of the precipitation from east-moving storm systems, giving the Pikes Peak region dry and sunny weather during most of the year. School and business activities, including construction, are rarely disrupted due to bad weather.

  • Days of Sunshine (annual average): 250
  • Annual Average Humidity: 50%
  • Normal Precipitation (water equivalent): 15.42"
  • Average Snowfall:
    November: 5.5", December: 5.7", January: 5.0", February: 5.1", March: 9.4", April: 6.3"

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