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To whom it may concern,

We have worked with Trish Ingels as both our Buyer’s Agent and Seller’s Agent starting in 1996 and most recently during the purchase of our current home in 2017.  In all, we have had the pleasure of Ms. Ingels as our agent six times over 21 years.  I can’t think of a better, more qualified real estate agent to work with on residential homes and residential lot transactions.  Given the number of transactions over many years, one can surmise we have seen a number of unusual circumstances arise on a few of them, and have been grateful Ms. Ingels is there to navigate the process with us!

During these years, Trish Ingels has demonstrated her commitment to being both a Buyers and Sellers Agent at all price points and neighborhoods despite her marketing emphasis as being “The Broadmoor Specialist”.  As a Buyer’s Agent, she is dedicated to staying within our determined price point and focused neighborhood priorities.  And when a property’s condition is an issue, Ms. Ingels has extensive remodel expertise to offer suggestions on possible risk and cost factors for us to consider.

Once a contract is on the table, Ms. Ingels provides great contract review/negotiation abilities.  Her friendly dispositions coupled with a strong moral compass are attributes we admire, earning respect from the community she serves.  When complications arise, Ms. Ingels is an expert in maneuvering through the myriad of situations to find amiable solutions, even if it has required walking away from a deal.

You can bet when the time comes and another change is needed, it’s Trish Ingels we will choose to call on to guide us through the real estate process once more!


Susan Brock
The Brock Family

We honestly do not know what we would have done without Trish’s guidance, experience and support during the process of buying our home. We were from out of state, and had a limited opportunity to find and make an offer on a home. To complicate matters, Trish was a last minute agent switch. We found out she was helping us on Sunday afternoon when we were on our way to Colorado. I often refer to this moment as divine intervention.  We were moving halfway across the country and we needed an expert.

By Monday morning she had 10 showings set up just for Monday, with other showings throughout the rest of the week. With each home we viewed, I was so incredibly impressed by her knowledge of homes. She identified issues within the homes, or pointed out positive aspects. We truly felt like she was watching out for us the entire time. She knows the area so well, she knew what areas were family friendly and had good schools.

We fell in love with (and still love it!) house #4. That’s when we saw Trish’s expertise shine through. She fought for us the entire time. She took on our mortgage company in a fierce battle to protect us. And she pulled it off. It was a sight to behold.  Once our offer was accepted, she was able to make sure we were able to get the house inspected quickly. We had our home inspected before we left town on Friday.  She made sure she was with us during the inspection process. And again, I don’t know what we would have done without her.

She kept in constant contact with us the entire time, even though we were in a different state. She took care of us through any issues that came up with the purchase of our home. We constantly say that if it weren’t for Trish, we don’t believe we would have pulled this all off. A less experienced agent would have never been able to handle all the issues that came up. She protected us the entire time. And she dealt with issues, so we didn’t have to. She handled everything, and it reduced the stress that we were under.

But the service did not end with the closing of our home. She made sure to check on our house as we were out of state. Once we closed, she provided us with a list of resources in our area that were businesses we could rely on. We have used more than one service she recommended and we have not been disappointed. Trish is well known in the area, and has a fantastic reputation.

Trish still checks on us. It is rare to find a service level like what we were shown. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the area. The bar is instantly raised when you work with Trish.  She works tirelessly to ensure that your goal to buy or sell a home is as smooth a process as possible. If we ever sell this house or need to purchase another one, we would definitely utilize Trish again.  We have such gratitude for her helping us to realize our dream of living in Colorado. And we fully realize what a major role she had in making our dream a reality.

Julie Loftus

RE: 60 Childe Drive, Colorado Springs, CO  80906

Hi all,

Our testimonial is simple.  We met Trish Ingels through our children during their schooling.  Way back when, we casually mentioned to Trish we would someday have her as our real estate agent when the time came to downsize.  As the years passed, we could see Trish’s awesomeness in her success of buying and selling homes in all of Colorado Springs.  Keeping our promise, it was the best decision made to sign on with Trish enabling us to enter our next phase of enjoying retirement.

Her expertise received in remodeling recommendations were spot on.  During the remodeling phase, we welcomed her professional opinions, as well as using the people she has used in the past for the various upgrading.  They all worked perfectly.

The listing began in the fall.  The beautiful photography in the virtual tour and brochures were beautiful.  Never once doubting Trish, her assistant Janet, as well as her staff, we were certain our home would sell… and it did!

Our recommendation to have Trish Ingels as your agent is rock solid.

Jim and Jan Sylvester

Ladies and Gentleman,  

I would like to take this opportunity to write this letter regarding the wonderful experience my wife, Anita, and I enjoyed while working with Trish Ingels on, not only the purchase of our lovely condo in Villa Pourtales, but also her most welcomed assistance in the marketing of my home.  She and her very capable assistant, Janet, helped this old commercial and land broker navigate the new contracts and agreements, and marketing residential brokers use, and they did so in a most pleasant, patient and professional manner.  I really don't know how I could have made it without them.  My home sold, last summer at a fair market price, and we had a very smooth transaction and closing.  In fact, we closed the same morning at 9:00 am on my home and 10:00 am on the condo.  That does not happen by accident.  Trish is a broker's broker.  

On the purchase of the condo, Trish was very fair, responsive, yet firmly loyal to her client.  As my Dad used to say, "The bigger they are the better are."  Trish treated our condo transaction, which was much smaller than she usually handled, with all of the professionalism, respect and enthusiasm as she would on a much larger transaction.  Trish was always trustworthy, even though she was representing the Seller, and completely honest.  Besides all of that, she is fun to work with.  One time in all of the buying and selling, Trish said, "Steve, I don't think you are having fun with this, anymore."  I laughed and thanked her for putting the fun back into the seriousness of these important transactions.  If you are looking for a residential broker, especially in the Broadmoor area, you could not do better.  Trish not only knows the market, but negotiates strongly for her side, anticipates problems before they can occur, and never takes her eye off the ball.  If you have any questions about anything I have stated, please don't hesitate to contact me.  You will enjoy working with Trish Ingels.  Anita and I certainly did.   

Respectfully yours,
H. Stephen Lewis
Lewis Commercial Real Estate

I can't say enough about Trish's professionalism, true caring nature, and extensive knowledge/connections. She brings all these qualities to the table for her clients, not just in the real estate transaction, but in the transition to their new home/community. We purchased a home from Trish in 2015.  My husband picked Trish as our realtor because she answered her phone on a Sunday morning and arranged to show him a house within an hour, since he was only in town for a short period. That was a good indication of the level of commitment Trish has to service. Throughout the home buying process, Trish was extremely responsive and thoughtful in her recommendations to us. I've worked with a lot of realtors, and Trish is the most service-oriented realtor I have worked with. She even went so far as to put groceries in our house and welcome us with flowers when we moved in!

Trish doesn't forget you once the deal is done. I have called Trish for recommendations of babysitters, handymen, and snow removers, among other professionals. She has always come through with excellent, timely recommendations. All the people I have interacted with have such glowing things to say about her as well. To this day, she always makes me feel like helping me is her highest priority.  Her assistant Janet is also a true gem--supporting Trish and providing excellent, personalized service as well. I highly recommend their team for your real estate transaction.

Scott and Lisa Tushla

I am sitting this afternoon in our beautiful new home, and have been reflecting on how everything worked out to bring us here. Specifically, I have been thinking about all the things that our agent, Trish Ingels, did to get us here. If you are looking for a home, I would love to share parts of the experience that were so important to us. This is the fifth home we have purchased-working with Trish has made this purchase entirely different from our earlier homes.

Some of the differences:

Trish took the time to really get to know my wife and I. This paid a number of dividends.

Some of the best advice we got along the way was what houses we really shouldn't purchase, even though they had an initial appeal. We quickly started to see properties that we really liked. Trish knew enough about us to promise that we could do better if we looked a little longer. It would have been much easier for her to go along with some of those homes, but combining her knowledge of our situation with an exhaustive knowledge of the Broadmoor market gave her, and us,confidence we hadn't yet found the home perfect for us.

It turns out that Trish has a solid knowledge of home construction. As we looked at different homes, she was quick to notice (in a very few cases), where the builder (or more likely a do it yourself owner) had taken some shortcuts that left the potential for problems down the road.

When we first came to Colorado Springs, we had no idea that parts of the city were built on ground that was susceptible to land slides. When we first came into Colorado Springs we had no idea that was the case-but Trish did, and kept us away from this possible problems.

Trish was a huge help in getting our financing. If your agent sells a lot of really nice homes, the financing people are very motivated to do their very best work with you. It seems that financing homes gets more complicated every year. We learned right away to mention our realtor by name-it helped make our file extra important to the finance people.

The final thing I wanted to mention is that Trish doesn't want to be a stranger after your home closes. We moved into Colorado Springs with no idea who to call if we wanted to replace the carpet, fix a garbage disposal, or even re-model a room. Trish knows Colorado Springs. She has always had a name for us-and we have never been disappointed. When some little problem comes up, my wife and I have one response-better call Trish.

We bought our home several months ago. Several times my wife and I have remarked how this house id perfect for our family and the entertaining that we do. That is no accident. Trish steered us to the perfect home. We couldn't have asked for more.

Dennis and Barb Smith

I have known Trish for over 10 years and when it came time to buy the lot for my new home and the selling of my existing house, I did not have to think twice who I would have be in charged of representing my interests. Trish has got to be the most knowledgeable real estate person in the Colorado Springs market. I found working with her a joy and felt like she was there to help me during every step of the processes. She emanates a sense of trust-worthiness that makes you feel very secure during what is without a doubt a very involved process. Trish is a true professional in every sense of the word, and puts her clients interests far above her own. 

I would be very happy to give Trish my highest recommendation for anyone desiring to sell their property or buy one. Her in depth KNOW HOW and the numerous professional and personal contacts in the business, places her in an enviable position from where she can take advantage of opportunities for her clients which other realtors can only dream about. This alone sets her apart from all her fellow realtors in the Colorado Springs market.

Jose M. Arango

To Whom it May Concern,

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Trish Ingels in the listing and sale of our home. While we have bought and sold a number of houses, we have never before encountered such a level of excellence.

The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on pre-listing renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations/due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace.

Thus, we highly recommend Trish Ingels for residential real estate needs.

Sincerely, Bill and Helen Beutel

Dear Friend,

If you’re thinking about listing your home and you’re not sure which agent to list with, may I suggest that you list with Trish Ingels? While it might not seem that the listing agent matters, let me tell you – it does.

Not all situations are alike. You may need to sell quickly, you may want to get the highest price even if it takes a bit longer, you might want to do improvements to reduce sales time but aren’t sure what will matter. Trust Trish. I listed my home with two other agents before her and neither understood my unique situation. They both used the same strategy they had used with every other client when the real estate business was easier… and they both panicked when a quick sale didn’t happen.

Trish was patient. We worked the game plan together, and she gave wise counsel along the way. We did some judicious updating, tweaked the plan as we went along and we hit my goals. Most importantly, we sold my home for more than my prior agents thought possible.

Across the homes and cities I’ve lived in, there are only two agents I’ve done business with whom I trust implicitly, and in Colorado Springs, Trish is it. If you want a listing in the MLS and a sign in the yard, you can get that anywhere. If you want a trusted partner, you want Trish.

Sincerely, Rob McConnell

To Whom it May Concern,

I had the privilege of working with Trish as my realtor when looking to purchase a home in Colorado Springs. Trish’s knowledge about real estate is multi-faceted and she is most certainly able to do more than the average agent. I appreciated her ability to advise me post home inspection; and when a situation took place with financing, she was there to help and support me in every possible way possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trish Ingels to any person who is looking to buy or sell a home, as well as seek her service in any of my future real estate transactions.

Sincerely, Rachel Quinn

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to give Trish Ingels my highest recommendation. Trish possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent broker: she knows her market extremely well; she is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with her clients. Trish is both very professional and personable. She clearly takes pride in doing a good job. In my particular case as a buyer of a home, there were many rough spots on the road to closing and in every instance Trish was a great help.

It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Trish or being anything but happy in choosing to work with her.

Sincerely, Daniel J. Gerken

Dear Prospective Buyer/Seller,

This letter is to recommend Trish Ingels as your realtor.

Trish has a tremendous "grasp" of the market and possesses that intuitive feeling as to what a house is really worth and how well it will sell... Trish's knowledge of new houses is almost unparalleled.

As you know she represents The Newport Co... Trish is always up to date on the new home market which helps in buying or selling a recently built home... Trish has that perfect balance of knowledge, drive and enthusiasm that will get the job done for you.

- James A. Hafemeister

Dear Trish,

We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping us find our home in Colorado Springs. We love our home, the neighborhood, and the community!

As we started to look (from out-of-state), the mailings you sent, along with your website, were extemely helpful as we were going through our initial decision process. After we decided to move to Colorado Springs, your years of experience in this market really came into play. Your knowledge of the neighborhoods, home construction, and attention to our other needs (inspectors, insurance providers, and mortgage companies), was so valuable and helped guide us in making the right decisions. In fact, we have already recommended you to both friends and relatives who have mentioned purchasing or selling a home!

Thanks again and best regards,

Susan Bowman & Don Heidt

To Whom It May Concern,

My family has bought and sold a lot of real estate over the years and we were very impressed with Trish's professionalism and knowledge. She is definitely one of the best!

Thanks again for all of your help.


To Whom It May Concern,

The service we received from Trish was exceptional!  We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.  Trish's experience and patience served us well.  Her local market knowledge is invaluable and her relationships in the community allowed us to identify our home before it was on the market. Trish is a true professional and in a class by herself.

Matt and Lori Mandino

Dear Trish,

This is a long overdue thank you from Sara, me, and the kids for all of your help in helping us find the new house and so very quickly selling the house on Springmeadow. You have been incredibly gracious to us through the process and we are grateful for your kindness, understanding, patience and expertise. Thank you!

Respectfully, Mike & Sara Grage

Dear Trish,

I apologize for not getting this letter to you sooner. I wanted to commend you for your excellent service during the sale of our home. You went over and above what we were expecting and made this deal happen. Being an out-of-town seller, we had certain concerns but your performance as our advocate was a true blessing and comfort. This deal, as you know, almost did not happen. Had it not been for your commitment to us and your tenacity to make it happen, we would not have sold our house. Thank you so much Trish for who you are in the world and for all your hard work. You are a light in the world and I am glad to know you. I would recommend your services to anyone.

Yours truly, Kami Owen

Dear Trish,

We would like to thank you for the great job you did in selling our house in the New Broadmoor Resort. You worked tirelessly for us and did more than any Real Estate Agent has ever done in providing assistance on the sale of a house. In addition to advertising and prospecting, which you did an excellent job at, you also went above and beyond by working with a decorator to update our interior, landing us a tenant and then monitoring her, looking at refinancing assistance for us, and helping make sure everything came together at the close. Again, we have never seen a Real Estate Agent work so hard, or do so much, in helping sell a house.

Thank you! You are the best in Colorado Springs.

Regards, Matt and Kathy Mannelly

Dear Trish,

Here's wishing you a Happy New Year! We are doing well and settling into our new home. It is hard to believe that it has almost been nine months since we moved. I have completed landscaping the back and nearly have my studio back in working condition in the old garage. Marcelle and I both are quite pleased with actually being able to park in a garage and have the old garage for my studio. You did a great job on finding us the ideal property!

I want to thank you for all of your assistance with listing our home, showing our home, suggestions on the financial package (Bridge Loan), and of course selling our home within five weeks. This was the fourth time that you have helped me with buying and selling a home! You are my "Go to Realtor"!!! When Marcelle decided that she wanted the house on Sheridan, I was out of town at an Air Force Environmental Symposium. We talked and I said, "Call Trish, I'm 1200 miles away". She did and the rest is history. Trish, I would recommend you and your services to anyone that wanted to have a quality professional realtor experience.

Thanks again, Sandy Friedman

Dear Trish,

Holly and I would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance in the purchase of our property at the Broadmoor resort. Your knowledge and expertise of real estate in the Colorado Springs area enhanced our ability to locate exactly what we desired. We very much appreciate all of the time you invested, along with your patience and professional courtesy.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kindest regards, Scott Baldwin Jr.

Dear Trish,

Thank you so much for your assistance in helping us find and purchase our first house!  We could not have been happier with the service that you provide for us.  You made yourself available when we could look at houses and you were always reachable whenever we had a question.

After letting you know what we were looking for in a home, you were able to put together a list of houses that met our request.  It was only after we had looked at houses together that you knew what we "really" then drove us to our new home. We would (and will) recommend you to family, friends, and anyone else that we hear might be looking to buy or sell a house. Thanks again! 

Gary & Jennifer Kollman

Dear Trish,

As we settle into our new home, we wanted to take a minute to thank you for assisting us in fulfilling our dream. It was a pleasure to work with someone who listened to what we wanted in a house and not what they 'thought' we should have. It was equally reassuring to have your experience on our side at closing when the sellers changed their minds once or twice. You made it happen!

Also, we wanted to thank you for your assistance with the remodel of the house. Your wealth of contacts made for a quick and rather painless few months of renovation. I think we'd still be in a house of disarray if it hadn't been for your help.

Come the day another move is in our future, we look forward to working with you again.  

Sincerely, Marybeth Tryba & Jill Schlaefer

Dear Trish,

Matt, Haley, Isabel and I are finally settled into the new house and loving it! We would like to thank you again for the exceptional job you did in helping us with the purchase of our home. We interviewed several realtors from the Colorado Springs area while we were still living across the country and you definately stood out in terms of your experience and knowledge of the area, especially the Broadmoor neighborhood that we eventually moved into. We are so happy with the home we purchased and could not imagine living anywhere else.

We especially appreciate the dedication and hard work you did for us: negotiating the contract, finding us a good lender, securing an inspection, doing errands for us while we were still out of state like helping us with lawn maintenance and taking the time to go over all the details of getting us settled. You have always maintained the perfect balance of professionalism, good humor, patience, understanding and diplomacy. You have been a true delight to work with on a personal level as well, reassuring us and comforting us through the stressful task of closing on a house from afar.

Based on our experiences with selling and purchasing several homes before this one, you have, by far, been the best real estate agent that we have worked with and we would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a real estate agent. Once again, thanks for a job well done!

Sincerely, Liz Javernick, M.D.


Thank you for all the care and devotion you put into assisting us with our new home purchase.  You were instrumental in every aspect of the buy in agreement. We really appreciated how you held our hand through the process and how you protected us from those who did not have our best interest at heart.  You were always resourceful and full of 'light and salt' in this world..  Thank you for changing our minds about realtors,   You are a broker with God's heart. Even in your absence (trip to Italy)  the closing went well.  God was definitely in the midst of  our deal. Working with you was a season of relationship building.  Also, thanks for getting the developers to  assist with the closing fee and for taking a generous cut in your commission.  Your assistance brought three groups of people together that helped to fulfill a Gift from God......Our new home!

Thanks again for everything, May God's gifts of love and prosperity continue to fall upon your family!

The Hills: Doxiades, Renee' Jaih, Jabarhi, Nia, Lyhee and Ausland

To Whom It May Concern:

We have known Trish Ingels for over 12 years, but just this past year had the
pleasure of doing business with her. After almost 19 years in the same home, we became interested in another home that was for sale just a few blocks away.  Although our home was never on the market we ended up trading houses.  It was really a long shot but Trish's hard work and incredible salesmanship made it happen.  We are thrilled with our new home.  Regardless of  whether you are buying or selling, I would recommend Trish Ingels as your agent.  Her indepth knowlege of the industry and market, along with her strong work ethic makes her an excellent real-estate agent.

Gina and Joe Stefanec

Dear Trish:

I have been blessed to have known you and your family since 1984. Without question, I would recommend you as one of the top residential realtors in Colorado Springs. In this recessionary market, a homeowner needs the skills that you possess to evaluate and advise them in selling or acquiring a personal residence. Your husband, Rick, with Newport Homes builds a phenomenal house. I wish you both incredible success in 2009.

Please use this letter of recommendation for future customers. Please don't hesitate to have them contact me for your glowing review.

Ted Link, Broker/Owner, Cascade Commercial Group

Dear Trish:

We’ve never met a person like Trish, never mind anyone in real estate like her. From the start, Trish showed us that she was in a class of her own.

We’d look at houses that we liked, and she wasn’t afraid to be honest about the potential downsides. We were looking in a difficult price range, but that didn’t deter her from finding the best there was for us in that range. We had done our best to be knowledgeable before we started the house buying process, but Trish still gave us insights that we would have never thought about.

Trish makes the entire process from start-to-finish feel effortless. If she can’t solve a problem, you’ll find she has built a network of people just as great as her to draw on for help. We still find ourselves waking up and thinking how lucky we were to work with her, and how happy we are in the home she helped us get into. If you walk into her office, you’ll see plenty of awards and special recognitions, but don’t be deterred if you’re the “little guy.” She treats every client like they are the most important she’s ever had.

Christin and Andre Nabonne

To whom it may concern:

I have worked with Trish Ingels and her assistant, Linda Deming, for years to buy investment property in Colorado Springs.  I have used other agents in the past, but Trish and Linda, are the best and most professional I have ever used and I would never think of using another team.  First, they set up automated e-mails of real estate listings with the criteria I have set.  I see the listings as soon as they are available and have beat other buyers to the punch in getting in offers first.  Second, they are able to respond immediately with rent and selling comps so I can make an informed decision quickly.  Third, Trish has gone to bat every time and argued to get the sellers and their agent to accept my offers.  I have been very happy with the prices I have paid for the properties I bought through Trish.  Fourth, I have never seen a harder working team as Trish and Linda.  As busy as they are, they make me feel like I am their most important priority.  And finally, they are not only professional they are a pleasure to work with. 

David Schmitt

My husband and I recently purchased a home in Colorado Springs and had a great experience working with Trish.  She is very knowledgable of the Broadmoor area and helped us find a great house in a wonderful neighborhood.  In addition to helping us in our home search, she was also a wealth of knowledge about the community and was able to answer many questions that we had, as we were new to the area.  Once we settled on a home and made an offer, our negotiation process and closing all went very smoothly thanks to Trish.  Our experience working with Trish and her assistant was great and we would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in the area. 


Allison and Keith Curtis

We are about to become happy homeowners thanks to a treasure of your office, Trish Ingels. We were even doubtful this time that we were going to partner with a buyer's agent. We started our search unrepresented. Then we met Trish, in seeing one of her houses, and were immediately convinced that she would be essential for our hunt for a home in Old Broadmoor.

Her knowledge is incredible. She knows the history of the area, and often the history of individual homes. She knows about building construction and quality, or lack thereof. She identifies considerations important to consider for re-sale.

Trish has an uncanny ability to read her clients. She puts this quality to work exclusively for her clients' interests. By listening to us and our individual taste, she knew before we did which house matched us best. But she never pushed. Only when we asked did she respond with her opinion of which house matched us best.

Trish is amazingly responsive. The poor lady ALWAYS makes herself available, and does so without a note of hesitation in her voice. She gives her clients the sense that she really enjoys what she does (which, unfortunately for her, may lead clients to take advantage of her generosity with her time... as no doubt we did).

And what a hard worker! We could tell that Trish is in a class of her own with going above and beyond. In attempting to close on the house we're purchasing, we ran into a major snag, which nearly killed the deal. The sales agent put in little time, effort, or imagination to keep the deal alive. Trish was the exact opposite. She spent hours researching, cajoling (diplomatically) city officials, and saving the deal. The sales agent has no idea how much she owes Trish, who easily could have let the deal fall apart, and simply await the spring wave of new houses to hit the sales market for us to shop.

Throughout this whole process, Trish has really felt like a friend. We all know the kind of person who pretends to be very friendly to clients. But Trish is real. My wife says she is "pure class". My wife also notest that Trish presents herself as a real Broadmoor lady. She carries herself both internally and externally.

Our hope now is that Trish is representative of the people we will find living around us in the Broadmoor area. We know this is an unrealistaically high hope. But at least we're happy to know that we'll see her driving around our neighborhood, and that we can stop her from time to time to catch up with our friend.

Please share our heartfelt thanks with Trish.


Doug and Anna Johnson

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